Mark Derosa Traded for Mark Perez

Mark Derosa of Cleveland Indians was traded for Chris Perez of St. Louis Cardinals. Of course, DeRosa was disappointed when he heard the news be was never shocked because according to him, he had been reading numerous widespread rumors about his availability.

De Rpsa also added: "You're disappointed, because you want to hit the rewind button and start over here," DeRosa said. "I was just starting to get comfortable and get to know the guys. That's the toughest part. But I have a chance to play for a division title again and put myself in a great situation with a new team. I'll say my goodbyes and move on."

On the other hand, Chris Perez has a record of 4.18 ERA in 29 appearances with a 1-1 record and one save.


Michael Jackson Autopsy Results

Yesterday, I blogged about the death of a popular pop star icon, Michael Jackson. Because of his sudden unexpected death, authorities would like to check all the possible angles in this case, so an autopsy of his body is set.

According to the Los Angeles County coroner, Michael Jackson's Autopsy Results may be released 6 - 8 weeks from now. "The likelihood is very slim that we will have any results to release today because of the extensive tests that we're going to be performing," said Ed Winter, assistant chief coroner.


Michael Jackson Dies from Heart Attack

Pop star icon Michael Jackson was pronounced dead yesterday, June 25, 2009 due to heart attack, but some reports also said that the cause of death was officially unknown yet as of the moment. According to the report, he was found in a state of coma at his Bel-Air mansion. At the age of fifty (50) Jackson dies as he was struggling to make a comeback after numerous controversies was tagged on his name, especially the cases of child molestations.

Now, the entertainment and music industry worldwide is grieving for the loss of one incomparable performer, who shone very brightly during the 80's.


Is There Really A Demi Moore Bush Pic?

When I search for the hottest keyword of the day, I was really amazed how Demi Moore Bush picture keyword landed on the number one spot. The first thing that came into my mind is that; Has Demi Moore married someone from former President Bush's family? and that she's into nudity again?

I'm aware that former Ghost-actress Demi Moore is into nudity before and that many of her pictures came out. I'm still confused why this search term has the number spot on google's hot trends. If you have some explanation on this, would you be kind enough to enlighten me?


Britney Spears Gimme More Topless Pictures

Did you know that a tabloid has leaked several topless pictures of Britney Spears during her shoot? The pop icon is now back to her peak and performing a string of acclaimed gigs at London's 02, before moving on to Manchester and Dublin.

Here are some of them...