Quick Facts On Phenobarbital

Have you heard the word phenobarbital? If you don't, then it's time for you to read this post to know what is it and other quick important facts about it.

Phenobarbital is a barbiturate and commonly prescribed as a sleep aid and in treatment of certain types of epilepsy, which includes generalized or grand mal seizures and partial seizures.

If you are taking this drugs, take this medication exactly as prescribed. Also, if you are taking this for seizures, do not discontinue it abruptly; on the other hand, if you miss a dose, just take it as soon as you remember. If it is almost time for your next dose, skip the one you missed and go back to your regular schedule. Never take 2 doses at once.

Side Effects include: Allergic reaction, drowsiness, headache, lethargy, nausea, oversedation, sleepiness, slowed or delayed breathing, vertigo, vomiting. Phenobarbital should not be used if you suffer from porphyria (an inherited metabolic disorder), liver disease, or a lung disease that causes blockages or breathing difficulties, or if you have ever had an allergic reaction to or are sensitive to phenobarbital or other barbiturates.


What's Unique With Project Playlist

Want to know what's with Project Playlist that makes it unique from others? Read this post and you'll know why.
project playlist

When you are a music lover, chances are, you've been all over the web finding the best site where you can search for your favorite music, then save them in your playlist for future use when you want to listen to it over and over again.

But that's not all; as I've mentioned, it can be a playlist maker plus a ringtone generator than can be sent to your phone, too! Pretty cool, huh? The saved songs can also be shared with your friends, so you can both enjoy them.

Here's more...If you think new music is still hard to find online, think again... As the Project Playlist has a constant streaming of featured and top musics that you can choose from plus, you can browse through the artists, too.

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19 Pound Indonesian Baby Born

Did you know that a 19-pound baby boy was born in Indonesia, Last Monday? Actually his weight is 19.2 pounds and measures 2 feet in length. Huge, isn't he?

He was delivered through cesarian section and, thankfully, there was no complications reported yet. According to news, the mother of this baby was is diabeted so the glucose intake caused the abnormally growth of the bay during the pregnancy period.

But wait! Did you also know that even though his big, he still didn't made it to the Guinness World of Records? Wondering why?, Well, based on Guinness' listing, the biggest baby ever delivered was 23 pounds on 1879.


What is Corpus Delicti?

During my Jurisprudence class, I remember the term corpus delicti used by my teachers. I guessed that it has something to do with a dead body or corpse from the first word corpus. What I don't know is the meaning of the second word delicti.

Corpus delicti (plural: corpora delicti) (Latin: "body of crime") is a term from Western jurisprudence which refers to the principle that it must be proven that a crime has occurred before a person can be convicted of committing the crime. For example, a person cannot be tried for larceny unless it can be proven that property has been stolen. Likewise, in order for a person to be tried for arson it must be proven that a criminal act resulted in the burning of a property. Black's Law Dictionary (6th ed.) defines "corpus delicti" as: "the fact of a crime having been actually committed." Source: wwwen.wikipedia.org,


Insomnia Cookies, Anyone?

insomnia cookies
Wondering what insomnia cookies are? Actually, it's not what you think, it's not really cookies that you can have a bite on. It's the name of the bakery that offers cookies, milk and other foods even late at night.

Insomnia Cookies, according to them, understand the needs of the students, and that is something to eat during late night after a group study, party or both. Now they have several branches located near Universities to better serve the students.
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Where was the First Fossil of Hyracotherium Found?

Do you want to know where was the first Hyracotherium fossil was discovered? It was discovered in England in 1841 by paleontologist, Richard Owen. On the other hand, in 1876, 35 years later after the first fossil was found, the second fossil of the same genus was found in America.

It was believed that Hyracotherium are ancestors of the horse, though it has 4 toes on the front foot and 3 toes on the back. It is a lenght of only 2 feet and much smaller height of 8 - 9 inches with a long skull and 44 teeth. Because of these findings, the belief that the Hyracotherium is of the size of a fox terrier was overturned, as it actually half the size of the latter.


Quick Trivia About Shakira

To all Shakira fans out there, here are some interesting trivia about her. Shakira has a real name of Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll and was born on February 2, 1977 and raised in Colombia.
  • She is a singer-songwriter, musician, record producer, dancer and philanthropist.
  • Also she can speak various languages fluently such as Spanish, English, Portuguese and Italian.
  • Her name Shakira means "thankful" in Arabic, while her second name, Isabel, means "my God is my oath", "my God's house" or "my God is abundance".
  • Shakira wrote her first poem, entitled "La Rosa De Cristal" ("The Crystal Rose") when she was only four years old
  •  She learned how to belly dance by trying to flip a coin with her belly
  • Has a nickname of Shaki.
  • Her father is a Lebanese, while her mother is a Spanish-Italian
  • Her favorite actor is Hugh Grant
  • Has an IQ of 140.
  • She doesn’t like to wear jewelry.


Meaning of Hakuna Matata and Some Interesting Trivia

The word Hakunana Matata means "no worries" or "no problem". But did you know that it literally means "there are now worries"?

This phrase originated from East African coast and taken from the Bantu Language, specifically from Swahili.

In 1994, this phrase became popular when the Walt Disney popular animation movie, Lion King, featured the song, where it was sang by its main characters.


Trivia About Patrick Swayze

trivia on Patrick Swayze
Now, that the famous Ghost movie actor, Patrick Swayze is dead at the age of 57 due to pancreatic cancer, many fans are now interested to know what was his life like during his days, as well as, some trivia about him.

Now, I would like to reveal some trivia about Patrick Swayze and here they are:

  1. In January of 2008, Patrick was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that had also spread to other organs. On March 5, 2008, it was announced to his fans.
  2. Patrick sang backround vocals on the 1998 Randy Travis album You And You Alone
  3. In 2006, Patrick and his wife, Lisa, considered adopting a child after trying for several years to have their own naturally
  4. On February 5, 2008, Patrick was admitted to the hospital to undergo a major gastro-intestinal procedure
  5. On September 1 2006, Patrick was bitten by Sharon Osbourne's Pomeranian dog, named Maggie.
  6. Patrick breeds Arabian horses
  7. Patrick once did a TV commercial for Burger King in the 1990s
  8. Patrick was offered $6,000,000 to reprise his role of Johnny Castle from Dirty Dancing but turned it down
  9. Patrick was chosen as People magazine's 'Sexiest Man Alive' in 1991
  10. Patrick met his wife Lisa when she was 15, and a dance student of his mother's.
  11. Patrick is a recovering alcoholic.
  12. Patrick is a former Roman Catholic, Baptist, Buddhist and Scientologist
  13. Patrick is 5'10" tall
  14. Patrick was nominated for three Golden Globe awards for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture in 1988 (for Dirty Dancing,) 1991 (for Ghost,) and 1996 (for To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar.)
  15. Patrick owns a five-acre spead called Rancho Bizarro

Source: www.tv.com


What's With the MTV VMA 2009 Host Russel Brand?

Why is Russel Brand, the emcee of the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) 2009, the hottest search of the day? What's with him?Russell Brand

People, especially those behind the MTV Awards, were so impressed of Russell Brand that they really like the way he did during the awards night, actually they even asked him to emcee once again next year but Brand said that he will think it over. According to him, “My phone hasn’t stopped ringing. Most people thought it was great and I’m pleased with how it went”.

Another juicy tidbits about this controversial man is that a report in the UK claims lothario Russell Brand told his girlfriend of three months to go out shopping with his mother while he engaged in a threesome. Whoah!

According to his former girlfriend, Christy Peterson, a Hollywood model, Brand had a sex addiction and liked to date pretty girls but preferred uglier girls for "dirty" sex.

Now, I know the reason why he's the hottest man of the hour...


The Truth About The Death Star Research Facility

death star
Want to know the truth about the Death Star Research Facility? Actually, this research facility was first heard from the popular sci-fi movie, Star Wars on its 4th episode entitled, "A New Hope".

The Death Star research facility is a fictitious space facility that is of the same size as our moon.

Below are some interesting quick facts about the death star:

  • The Death Star is one of the better-known concepts from the Star Wars universe and is widely recognizable outside of that context.
  • The Death Star placed ninth in a 2008 20th Century Fox poll of the most popular movie weapons.
  • The Saturnian moon Mimas, photographed by the Cassini probe in 2005
  • The media in 1980 commented that the large crater on Saturn's moon Mimas gives it a resemblance to the Death Star.
  • Astronomers sometimes use the term "Death Star" to describe Nemesis, a hypothetical star postulated in 1984 to be responsible for gravitationally forcing comets and asteroids from the Oort cloud toward Earth.
  • In the US, networks that compete with Fox refer to American Idol as the Death Star due to its destructive effects on their schedules and ratings.
  • Enron labeled one of the false companies used in its fraudulent manipulation of the California power grid "Death Star".
  • The UC Davis Social Sciences and Humanities Building, designed by Antoine Predock, is known as "The Death Star" to students due to its spaceship-like façade.
  • In Canada, the term "death stars" was used to describe U.S. Direct Broadcast Satellites capable of broadcasting signals into Canada that were not regulated by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.
  • The logo of AT&T has been compared to the Death Star.
  • The Creative Artists Agency's headquarters has been nicknamed the "Death Star" by the entertainment media.
  • Sega's Mascot Sonic the Hedgehog's nemesis, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, had built the Death Egg, a homage to The Death Star itself.
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Wars_Expanded_Universe


Types of Kissing You Might Want To Know

On my previous post at my other blogs, I discussed the health and relationship benefits of kissing; and as I promised, here are the tree types of kissing, you might want to know:

Types of Kissing:
  1. Natural Kissing
  2. Sensual Kissing
  3. Symbolic Kissing
  1. Natural Kissing: Anthropologists tell us that way back in prehistoric times, mothers realized that babies choke to death on ordinary adult food. They also learned that babies thrive if fed on a meal pre-chewed by the mother. Holding a baby in one hand and a freshly slaughtered rabbit in the other, mouth-to-mouth feeding was found to be an efficient way to feed, with the minimum waste and maximum accuracy; just like chick birds are fed. Mouth-to-mouth feeding is still practiced in some cultures to this day. From this feeding function, mouth-to-mouth contact became a sign of trust, dependence and affection between mother and child, and this comforting habit carried on into adulthood.
  2. Sensual Kissing: In passion, kissing is done simply for the pleasure of kissing or as part of foreplay. Whether it's with eyes open or closed, a saliva-laden minuet, industrial vacuum cleaner, all-stars tongue wrestling or tonsil hockey, the secret of a good kiss is progressing slowly to discover what your partner responds to. Kissing is a very mutual activity. A selfish, one-sided kiss cannot possibly give the same satisfaction.
  3. Symbolic Kissing:

    The kissing of icons as a sign of veneration is common in many religions. In Mecca, the Black Stone has been worn hollow by centuries of kissing.

    In Christianity, we see dozens of biblical references to kissing. The reference in I Samuel 20:9 was a pretty nasty kiss of death, but the most infamous kiss was from Judas in betraying Jesus. St. Paul instructed Christians to "greet one another with a holy kiss".

    Even today in churches, kissing forms a part of religious ritual. The 'Kiss Of Peace' is a ceremonial gesture used as a sign of love and union in some Christian churches during celebration of the Eucharist. It is customary in some churches to kiss an icon to venerate or honour the person portrayed in the icon, which is on the slippery slope to icon worship.

When people kiss, they turn their heads slightly to the right to avoid breaking each other's nose. Even in a symbolic kiss, the head tips to the right. For example in the Armenian Church the person offering the greeting tips his head first to the right, and then left of the person being greeted.
Why most people, from every culture, tip their heads to the right and not the left when kissing, is one of life's deep mysteries. Our research suggests that it makes no difference whether the kisser is left- or right-handed.



What Are The Top 10 Unexplained Phenomena?

What are the top 10 unexplained phenomena?

Due to the new Google's new doodle, with UFO on the image, many internet users are now searching for the phrase, "unexplained phenomena", as well as the top ten unexplained phenomena.

As ranked by the www.livescience.com site, here are the list of the top 10 unexplained phenomena:

1. The Taos Hum
2. Bigfoot
3. Intuition
4. Mysterious Disappearances
5. Ghosts
6. Deja vu
7. UFOs
8. Near-Death Experiences and Life After Death
9. Psychic powers and ESP
10. The Body/Mind Connection


Where is the World's Longest Golf Course?

Did you know where to find the world's longest golf course? I'm sure, most of the golf enthusiasts here know the the answer to this, or are interested to find out where.

In Australia, we can find the world's longest golf course, which stretched for approximately 1,365 kilometers or 848 miles of desert highway with holes at 18 towns and service stations. The course is named as The Nullarbor Links, which was the original concept of Bob Bongiorno, with 18-hole par 72 golf course will span 1,365 kilometers with one hole in each participating town or roadhouse along the Eyre Highway, from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia to Ceduna in South Australia. Each hole will include a green and tee and somewhat rugged outback-style natural terrain fairway.

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Walmart News: Man Arrested for Slapping A Child

Did you know that a 61-year-old man slapped a 2-year old child at Walmart store in Georgia and got arrested? Yes, this is true.

According to reports from CNN, Roger Stephens was at the Walmart when he heard the child crying, the child was not his. Maybe the child's crying got into his nerves that he approached the mother and told her that she should hush her baby or else he will do it, himself. After sometime, when the crying still continued, Stephens, grabbed the child and slapped her four times. Imagine the terror that the child went through.

The man was then arrested and he apologized to the mother for doing such cruel actions.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. Back From Retirement To Fight Marquez

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. will fight against former Manny Pacquiao's opponent, Juan Manuel Marquez. Orginally, the event entitled "Number One/Numero Uno: Mayweather vs Marquez”, was set last July 18, 2009, but due to Mayweather's sustained rib injury while training, the date was moved and finalized on September 19, 2009, the same date that the UFC 103: Franklin vs. Belfort will take place.

The boxing event will be held at the MGM Grand Arena. The pay-per-view (PPV)telecast will begin at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT. For those who are interested to watch it ahead of everybody else, you may have it through HBO for only $49.95.


Tiffany Shepherd aka Leah Lust Banned to Teach

Former biology teacher, Tiffany Shepher, also known as Leah Lust, is fired at Port St. Lucie High School for undisclosed reason, yet. Rumors spreading for her being fired are: (1) when she posed as model for playboy and; (2) her constant absenteeism from work.

Her poses for adult magazines, as well as her videos, were due to her desperate times where she lost the custody to her children, and immediate need for financial assistance. According to The Daily News, Leah Lust has appeared in five adult features, including “My First Sex Teacher,” which mirrors her real-life struggle to get her job back.