Types of Kissing You Might Want To Know

On my previous post at my other blogs, I discussed the health and relationship benefits of kissing; and as I promised, here are the tree types of kissing, you might want to know:

Types of Kissing:
  1. Natural Kissing
  2. Sensual Kissing
  3. Symbolic Kissing
  1. Natural Kissing: Anthropologists tell us that way back in prehistoric times, mothers realized that babies choke to death on ordinary adult food. They also learned that babies thrive if fed on a meal pre-chewed by the mother. Holding a baby in one hand and a freshly slaughtered rabbit in the other, mouth-to-mouth feeding was found to be an efficient way to feed, with the minimum waste and maximum accuracy; just like chick birds are fed. Mouth-to-mouth feeding is still practiced in some cultures to this day. From this feeding function, mouth-to-mouth contact became a sign of trust, dependence and affection between mother and child, and this comforting habit carried on into adulthood.
  2. Sensual Kissing: In passion, kissing is done simply for the pleasure of kissing or as part of foreplay. Whether it's with eyes open or closed, a saliva-laden minuet, industrial vacuum cleaner, all-stars tongue wrestling or tonsil hockey, the secret of a good kiss is progressing slowly to discover what your partner responds to. Kissing is a very mutual activity. A selfish, one-sided kiss cannot possibly give the same satisfaction.
  3. Symbolic Kissing:

    The kissing of icons as a sign of veneration is common in many religions. In Mecca, the Black Stone has been worn hollow by centuries of kissing.

    In Christianity, we see dozens of biblical references to kissing. The reference in I Samuel 20:9 was a pretty nasty kiss of death, but the most infamous kiss was from Judas in betraying Jesus. St. Paul instructed Christians to "greet one another with a holy kiss".

    Even today in churches, kissing forms a part of religious ritual. The 'Kiss Of Peace' is a ceremonial gesture used as a sign of love and union in some Christian churches during celebration of the Eucharist. It is customary in some churches to kiss an icon to venerate or honour the person portrayed in the icon, which is on the slippery slope to icon worship.

When people kiss, they turn their heads slightly to the right to avoid breaking each other's nose. Even in a symbolic kiss, the head tips to the right. For example in the Armenian Church the person offering the greeting tips his head first to the right, and then left of the person being greeted.
Why most people, from every culture, tip their heads to the right and not the left when kissing, is one of life's deep mysteries. Our research suggests that it makes no difference whether the kisser is left- or right-handed.


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