Where's the shuttle landing path of the Endeavour Astronaut?

Where is the Shuttle landing path of the Endeavour astronauts? If you can remember, the Nasa has launched a shuttle  earlier this month. 

Now the crew are having problems on where to land the shuttle due to bad weather. If the weather or some other problem prevents a re-entry today, Endeavour's crew will remain in orbit an additional 24 hours and try again Saturday. 

I just hope that they're going to make it soon...


White Sox Pitcher Mark Buehrle throws perfect game

Mark Buehrle, White Sox pitcher, throws a perfect game last Thursday. Buehrle retired all 27 Tampa Bay batters to complete a 5-0 perfect game, the second in White Sox history.

Seeing the game at the espn, I remembered the baseball game played by the Cullen (from the novel/movie Twilight) Family. I really love this scene of the movie as Alice gracefully throws the ball and everyone else in the family played really exceptionally.

I'm looking forward excitedly to the showing of its next sequel, "New Moon". Can't wait to see my crush, Edward Cullen (Rob Pattinson).


Watch Erin Andrews Video Peep

Many people around the world is now in constant search for the keywords watch, Watch Erin Andrews Video Peep, erin andrews, erin andrews playboy, erin andrews video peep, erin andrews youtube, erin andrews video peep pictures.

I don't understand why Erin Andrews has become so popular recently that for several days now, she's still the most searched personality in the web. Maybe we should thank or blame perhaps the person/s responsible for the upload of her video.


Solar Eclipse 2009 Live Webcast

If you missed to observe the sky last Tuesday, July 21, Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles offers a solar eclipse 2009 live webcast. The live webcast from Griffith will show the eclipse from an island near Shanghai, China, and include some commentary from curators at the observatory.

Griffith Observatory will present the live webcast from 5:24 to 8:03 p.m. The webcast will be shown on a large screen in the Gunther Depths of Space room.

A schedule below is given during the said webcast.

5:24 p.m. PDT = First contact (when the moon first begins to obscure the sun)

6:37-6:43 p.m. PDT = Totality (when the moon completely covers the sun)

8:03 p.m. PDT = Last contact (when the moon no longer obscures the sun)

Jupiter Hit By Comet

Either a comet or meteoroid hit the planet of Jupiter last Sunday and it was absorbed  by its thick atmosphere of ammonia and methane. The said comet or meteoroid left a "scar" on the planet which was seen from NASA's Infrared Telescope Facility atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii. It was first spotted by an amateur Australian astronomer, Anthony Wesley. 

"I suspect the impact scar itself should remain visible for a few days, maybe a week," said Leigh Fletcher, a scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. He also added the the "scar" is about the size of the earth.


Stewart Cink

Stewart Cink from won the 138th British Open yesterday, Sunday. Cink made a tough 15-footer for birdie at the 72nd hole for a 69 and a score of two-under-par 278. Watson bogeyed the 72nd hole for a 72, forcing a playoff.

After four days of entrancing golf, during which Watson’s chances to win a record-tying sixth Open went from improbable to possible to playoff, Cink crushed Watson in the four-hole playoff, beating him by six strokes (two under versus four over) for his first major championship. (http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/20/sports/golf/20golf.html?hpw)

Giant Jellyfish Found At Japan

A giant Jellyfish called Nomura's Jellyfish has been found recently at the Sea of Japan. Many were astonished due to its enormous size and thought that seeing jellyfish as big as that is something spectacular.

On the other hand, the inhabitants of the area think that this jellyfish is like a monster because it damages the nets of the fishermen, as well as, harm other sea creatures. The villagers are also afraid that big waves will result from any movement of this fish and may cause further damage to them.

The massive sea creatures, called Nomura's jellyfish, can grow 6 feet (1.83 meters) in diameter and weigh more than 450 pounds (204 kilos). Scientists think they originate in the Yellow Sea and in Chinese waters. For the third year since 2005, ocean currents are transporting them into the Sea of Japan.

Source: http://www.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/asiapcf/07/19/japan.jellyfish/


Western Governors University

For those who are planning to take online bachelors degree in business, here's a good news for you. Western Governors Universityis rated as one of the top 10 Bust Buy by a consumer group. It is because they offer great deals to their students.

According to news.prnewswire.com, undergraduate tuition for WGU's College of Business programs is $2,890 per six-month term, or $23,120 for four years. However, because WGU uses a competency-based academic model that requires students to demonstrate competency in degree subjects in order to advance, students with prior education or experience or those who can commit additional time to study can often accelerate their programs, completing their degrees in less than four years, saving both time and money. Unlike most colleges, WGU does not charge tuition based on semesters or credit hours -- it is charged for six-month terms that can begin on the first day of any month.

These are really get offeran online degree can offer.

The Economic Status

The top economic adviser of U.S. President Obama, Larry Summers, had announced that the president is doing a great job to alleviate the economic depression that the world is experiencing lately.

If this is true, then it is a great news that everyone is waiting to hear since the world crisis hit everyone. Actually, people of middle and upper class are the most affected with this economic recession, since those who are already on the lower class are used to living one day at a time.

I just wished that global economic status will be uplifted sooner than later so that everyone can move forward with their lives. 


What is Quakebuttock?

What is a quakebuttock? I have just heard of this word and I really wondered what does it mean, so when I searched for its meaning on the dictionary I can't find it, well maybe our dictionary is old enough to recognize this modern word.

Some say it's the fear of clowns, being pensieve or even being naive, so to be sure I searched it on the internet and found out that quakebuttock simmple means beaing a coward, a sissy or similar implications.

Now, this can really be called the Word of the Day...


What is Bologna, Italy Known For?

What is Bologna, Italy known for? Is it the food Bolognese? Pardon my insatiable cravings for pasta (LOL). Kidding aside, that’s the first thing that comes into my mind when I heard the Word, Bologna.

But what really is it known for? In order to find out, I googled it and….jaran…..Bologna, Italy is not just famous for Bolognese (here goes my food-occupied brain again…), but it is well-known for its Oldest University, the University of Bologna, where many historical events took place during the Middle Ages. Furthermore, Bologna is also tagged as the Basket City, to signify their passion for basketball, despite the fact that Europe is famous for playing football.

I just wish I can visit the place sooner, so as to tell you more about it and not just depend on some search results…hehehe


NASA Shuttle Launch Today

Today, NASA planned to launched its new shuttle. The said launching was already been postponed three times before and this is the fourth time, the lanching is postponed. According to them, the delay is primarily caused by bad weather.

Endeavor, the shuttle's name, contains robotics that is set to do some important experiments on space, without having the risk the lives of its crew members. There will also be significant tasks assigned for the robotics to perform there.

I just hope that the crew can get home safe and sound and that the endeavor of Endeavor will be a success.


Patrick Tracy Burris

Patrick Tracy Burris, a man who was suspected of killing five unsuspecting victims in South Carolina was shot and killed by the policemen today.

The police said that the bullets from Burris' gun matched the bullets that they have found in the vicitms body. The police also added that people of South Carolina can now sleep soundly tonight as the killer have already been shot and dead by the police.

What is Napoleon Death Mask?

When I searched the web just now, I was wondering why the hottest keyword is Napoleon Death Mask. Napoleon?! As in Napoleon during the revolution? Honestly, I just heard, errr, read this word just now (or am I missing something?)

So I searched the net for more info about this intriguing mask. From the wikipedia, I have known that there were only four genuine death masks that existed. One of those is of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Now I wonder, what is it for.... Do you know why?


Photos of Dead Saleh Kazemi

Photos of dead Saleh Kazemi were seen on the internet today as she was found dead earlier together with the famous NFL quarterback, Steve McNair. Their bodies were found in Tennessee, having fatal gunshout wounds.

Some said that this case is sort of a murder suicide since they are having an affair eventhough McNair is already married while Kazemi has already a boyfriend; but this angle is yet to confirmed by the authorities.

Speaking of Kazemi, others thought that the girl who was found dead with McNair is Jaleh Kazemi, who is a known actress in Iran, but it was already established that the dead girl is indeed, Saleh Kazemi.