What is Bologna, Italy Known For?

What is Bologna, Italy known for? Is it the food Bolognese? Pardon my insatiable cravings for pasta (LOL). Kidding aside, that’s the first thing that comes into my mind when I heard the Word, Bologna.

But what really is it known for? In order to find out, I googled it and….jaran…..Bologna, Italy is not just famous for Bolognese (here goes my food-occupied brain again…), but it is well-known for its Oldest University, the University of Bologna, where many historical events took place during the Middle Ages. Furthermore, Bologna is also tagged as the Basket City, to signify their passion for basketball, despite the fact that Europe is famous for playing football.

I just wish I can visit the place sooner, so as to tell you more about it and not just depend on some search results…hehehe

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  1. Pretty good information, although a little more would be useful. But that's okay!! Thanks for taking your time to do this!! It helped me on a little Italian homework! I love how you put your personality in this!! Thanks a ton!!