Having Fun Going Brainless

I hate people who pretend that they know everything but at the same time, I am also having fun listening them and pretending that I “brainless’ in the sense that I pretend that I don’t know what they are talking about and that I am really interested in what they are telling me.
I don’t know why they have to pretend like that. Will it hurt them if they admit that they don’t know something? Or will their ego be hit “bull’s eye” when other people are aware that they know nothing? Why do they need to impress others when in fact they look like Mr. or Ms. Morones (moron)? Are they still waiting for me to slam to their face the words like this, FYI (as in Fuck You, Idiot!)? and speaking of brainless,

Did You Know…

Starfish don't have brains. I wonder how they manage to live. What tells them to eat? Their instinct?! But I thought instincts come from the brain, also, right? Hmmm…poor creature.

Back to what I have been ranting above, people like them should be glad as they are never alone… Starfish can sympathize with them…(lol)

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