The Strongest Muscle

Nowadays, men and women are fond of going to the gym burning our fats/calories that the have accrued during the holiday season. I bet “going to the gym” or “losing weight” is definitely in their list of New Year’s Resolution.

Some have also frequented gyms to grow muscles so that they will look more manly or sexy for the women. While some are not yet contented of their bulging triceps and biceps as well as their six (6) packs (8 packs, actually) and wants them to bulge more. Whatever their reason may be…let’s just leave them alone (hehehe). It’s their prerogative.

Did You Know…

The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue. I don’t exactly know the basis of this trivia. But in my “layman’s” idea, I think it’s because it can move on its own and that it flexible enough to do things that other muscles can’t.

I just remembered a record holder from the Guinness World of Records pulling a very big truck using only his tongue! Yes! This is true, I don’t know if you have seen this. Strings or ropes are tide on a pin that his also connected on his tongue. See, how strong the tongue is? Maybe, men should learn to explore their tongue’s ability to satisfy women. (this is just an honest and “clean” suggestion…lol)

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