Where was the First Fossil of Hyracotherium Found?

Do you want to know where was the first Hyracotherium fossil was discovered? It was discovered in England in 1841 by paleontologist, Richard Owen. On the other hand, in 1876, 35 years later after the first fossil was found, the second fossil of the same genus was found in America.

It was believed that Hyracotherium are ancestors of the horse, though it has 4 toes on the front foot and 3 toes on the back. It is a lenght of only 2 feet and much smaller height of 8 - 9 inches with a long skull and 44 teeth. Because of these findings, the belief that the Hyracotherium is of the size of a fox terrier was overturned, as it actually half the size of the latter.

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