What's With the MTV VMA 2009 Host Russel Brand?

Why is Russel Brand, the emcee of the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) 2009, the hottest search of the day? What's with him?Russell Brand

People, especially those behind the MTV Awards, were so impressed of Russell Brand that they really like the way he did during the awards night, actually they even asked him to emcee once again next year but Brand said that he will think it over. According to him, “My phone hasn’t stopped ringing. Most people thought it was great and I’m pleased with how it went”.

Another juicy tidbits about this controversial man is that a report in the UK claims lothario Russell Brand told his girlfriend of three months to go out shopping with his mother while he engaged in a threesome. Whoah!

According to his former girlfriend, Christy Peterson, a Hollywood model, Brand had a sex addiction and liked to date pretty girls but preferred uglier girls for "dirty" sex.

Now, I know the reason why he's the hottest man of the hour...

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