What is Assburger's Syndrome?

Many have been searching for the definition or description of Asperger's Disease or Asperger's Syndrome. But instead of searching for "asperger", they have wrongly typed the word "assburger" sybdrome.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) Assburger Syndrome means:
is believed to be the most common personality disorder in the Western world, yet it remains one of the least frequently diagnosed. It is an often-degenerative condition that can manifest itself in many different ways in different patients, but almost all Assburger's sufferers exhibit at least five of the following symptoms:
  •  a strong liking and desire to eat hamburgers made from meat deriving from the rump of humans, animals, or a combination of the two
  • a strong urge to make a fupa sandwich with animal semen
  • Delusions of superiority.
  •  People who "get jokes" 
  • A hyper-inflated sense of their own intelligence, wit, charm or appearance. 
  • Ditto for their professional, sporting, musical, rhyming and/or computer prowess. 
  • An obsessive need for cheese that borders on interesting. 
  • School shootings 
  • An utter inability to think more than one thought at a time. 
  • A lack of empathy for the hordes of people who live like mooing cows. 
  • A belief that the horde of sheeple that they belong to is better than other hordes of sheeple. 
  • A constant oral discharge of fecal matter 
  • The arousal in others of violent or homicidal thoughts. 
  • An unnatural fondness for the teletubbies. 
  • Drawn to raping cats in the butt. 
  • Known for being a homosexual, a type of antisocial human commonly found on craigslist

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