Die, Cockroach! Die!

I have mentioned in my other blog that I really dread cockroaches as they are one of the most “dirtiest”, if not the most, insect the whole wide world… What I don’t understand is that; what is their purpose in life? Or in human life, that is? Grrr…. Why don’t they just die and be gone forever?! Anyway, here are some quick facts about them that makes me hate them further.

Did You Know…

A cockroach will live nine days without its head and take note, they will only be dead because of starvation.
If earth will be bombarded by large doses of radiation that will cause death to all living things (actually, not all), the only living thing will remain is the cockroach! See how stubborn they are?

If there is any scientist or the like who is reading this now, can you please research on how these cockroaches can replace lead as the main material for radiation shielding? In this way, they will be of use to us (I’m dead serious here)

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