Triskaidekaphobia: Fear of the Number 13

Former President Joseph Estrada was known for his fear of the number 13. He is the only person I know that has an irrational fear of this number. What I find interesting about this is that, he was the 13th president of the Philippines. And many are aware of the tragedy that he went through during his political reign. Was being the 13th President a sign of his career downfall? Or that was just a plain coincidence? Hmmm….

Did You Know

  • The fear of number 13 is called triskaidekaphobia and it was derived from treiskaideka, the Greek word for thirteen and phobia.
  • There were thirteen people at Christ's Last Supper before his captivity, it is recorder that Christ was crucified on Friday.
  • Routine mission to the moon goes drastically wrong on Apollo 13.
  • Some hotels skip number thirteen when numbering rooms.
  • In Formula 1, there is no car with the number 13.

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