Unbelievable But True Medical Condition

Since I’m in a medical-related field, I’m into medical facts and other science-related things. I’m somewhat fascinated with these things as it would be nice to know that you know something occurred or existed before anybody else. Today, I would like to share a very very rare and probably a one-in-a-zillion phenomenon that has happened to human. Already curious?

Did You Know…

Sanju Bhagat, 30 years old from India, was rushed to hospital as his belly keeps getting bigger and bigger each day. After several tests, his doctor found out that Bhagat has a medical condition called fetus in fetu. This very peculiar medical condition is called as such because one of the twins gets trapped inside of the other, from then on he dwells inside and feeds himself by leaching on his twin’s blood supply, just like a parasite.

A successful surgical operation was done to Bhagat to remove the “parasite inside his belly. Rare and interesting, indeed….

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