Who is Bernard Goldberg?

Many people around the globe are now in search for Bernard Goldberg, meaning, this man is the hottest search of today. But who is Bernard Goldberg anyway? And what makes him the man of the hour?

According to Wikipedia: Bernard Goldberg, also known as Bernie Goldberg, is a ten-time Emmy Award Winning American writer, journalist, and political commentator. Goldberg is currently a commentator for Fox News and a correspondent for HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

Here's a line from his latest interview with John Hawkins: The reason they do that John is so I'll be automatically marginalized. I wrote in "Bias" that I would make racial discrimination a criminal offense, not just a civil offense. On gay rights, I don't know anyone more Libertarian than me. I don't want the government getting involved in it. I'm pro-abortion with reservations. I've never set foot in a country club in my life.

I consider myself to be an old-fashioned liberal. I'm a liberal the way liberals used to be when they were like John F. Kennedy and when they were like Hubert Humphrey. When they were upbeat and enthusiastic and mainstream. I am not a liberal the way liberals are today at least as exemplified by Al Franken and Michael Moore, where they're angry, nasty, closed minded, & not mainstream, but fringe.

I think this is what really irks the media. That this is coming from one of them. I was one of them for 28 years. The name of your website is Right Wing News, right?

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